Watching The Clouds Go By

One of the things that the children and I like to do when we are busy doing nothing, is watch the clouds go by. Sometimes you will find us sitting out in the garden looking up at the sky just watching the clouds pass by overhead. We went for a walk at a lake and decided that as it was such a lovely sky that we should spend some of the afternoon just watching the clouds go by.

Watching The Clouds Go By

We sat down on a blanket (which I've taken to keeping in the car for moments like this) and giggled as we tried to find shapes in the clouds. We decided that this one below was a turtle chasing after a hare, which led the children to retell the classic fable and act it out whilst we sat together.

Clouds over the lake

We weren't quite sure  what these clouds looked like, but we just liked the way that they looked. Big Boy decided that this was the sort of scene that he would paint if he were a famous painter, whilst I suggested we write a poem together about the scene.

Sitting at the side of the lake watching the clouds go by

It was sitting back round on the far side of the lake that we realised that we had a great view and that the children agreed that if we were to ever move to live on a lake, that this indeed would be the lake that we would live on.

The view I'd like from my house one day

Do you ever take the time to just stop and watch the clouds go by?