Memory Storage Ideas Needed!

As you may have seen, I've been tidying up the big bookshelf in my living room. This has mainly involved me and Daddy going through all our books and those that belong to the children and deciding if we are going to read them again. There are a few that we've put into storage, a few that have been kept even though we know we are never going to read them again and a few which have been put back on the shelf because we love them so much.

One of PippaD's Bookshelves

I've even gone through all the drawers at the bottom of the bookshelf (there used to be books on all the shelves!) and sorted them out so that we can now see exactly what is in each drawer and I know just how many packs of glue (7), cream paper (12) and pairs of decorative scissors (27) we have!

The problem is two of the drawers (the first two on the left) have been used for several years as a memory dump. Basically anything that we've wanted to keep from days out, holidays, special events etc we shoved in these two drawers.


It has to stop for several reasons.

1) Eventually we'll run out of drawers.
2) We can't actually see anything in the drawers.
3) I said so.

So what is a girl to do? Well, this is where you my lovely friends come in. What do you do in your homes with all the little bits and pieces that you want to keep because they are pieces of your family history, reminders of days gone past?

What do you do with the coins leftover from your honeymoon, the arm band from your first Camp Bestival trip, the newspaper with the picture of you in, the badges from the day out, the ticket stubs, the Chinese money envelope that you got at Chinese New Year...

All ideas gratefully received!