On The Table in 30: Baking - Parragon Book #Review

Big Boy, Top Ender and I all have a sweet tooth. Actually that isn't quite true, it's not a sweet tooth as such it's just that like most Mummy Bloggers and their families all of us love cake and would gladly eat cake for all our meals. We know however that this isn't really something that we should do and so we only eat cake occasionally and as the cakes that we normally make take a bit of time to make, bake and cool before being iced and then finally being able to be eaten it's becoming even less frequent that we're baking together.

I was interested in this book, because from the looks of the pictures on the cover and the blurb on the back I was going to be able to create some fabulous baked treats that if we teamed up and did as a family activity, we'd be able to enjoy within 30 minutes of starting baking and I'm sure that the children and I would LOVE this, as we'd be able to bake and eat in the same amount of time that our attention span lasts!

I let Big Boy have first pick of what we would bake. He lay on the living room floor, legs in the air, pouring over the book and looking at the various pictures to see what treat caught his eye. He loved reading the variations, cook tips and time cheats as they appealed to him in the little flashes at the side of several of the pages.

Big Boy reading On The Table in 30: Baking - Parragon Book #Review

Big Boy decided to pick Chewy Marshmallow Bars, and it has quickly become a favourite treat of ours, so much so that trying to get a picture of them has proven hard as they keep being eaten!

We also made some S'mores which were declared delicious when we ate them whilst camping in the garden.

The book has an RRP of  £12 and you can find out more about it on the Parragon website.

We were sent the book to review this is now one of my favourite Baking recipe books!