Mexican Week - Enchiladas AKA Night Three #Review

All week the children have complained that the food I'm giving them as part of Mexican week is too spicy, so last night with the Enchiladas I kinda covered them in the Sour Cream sauce to tone down the spicy level.

Enchiladas from Santa Maria

Plus I thought it looked cool.

It worked. Actually, I didn't have any sour cream on my meal and ended up squirting a load out because the meal was too spicy for me! The children didn't quite finish theirs, as they thought it was a little too spicy but they loved the whole idea of the sauce and cheese being inside and outside the wraps (which they do love).

I don't think that if we had the Enchiladas again I'd use the seasoning mix, but then that kind of spoils the whole point of having them!

We were sent everything but the meat and cheese by Santa Maria for the purpose of this review.