Picnic With Family

Top Ender and Big Boy love going on picnics and so when Granny asked if we'd like to come over to share a picnic with all their Cousins they didn't want to miss out! We started the day with a trip to the supermarket with Granny so that we could buy all the bits for a picnic and some bits for a posh salad that my Sister was making for us grown ups. The children loved picking all the different foods that they and Granny thought that they needed for their lunch, some of the selections included sausages, sausage rolls, fruit, cakes, crisps and different meats. After having loaded the car up and having driven to my Sisters house, we let my sister make the grown up salads whilst the children started on their picnic.

Big Boy and Cousin sitting together

The children took their plates to the garden, where they sat in sun shade tents and enjoyed each others company. It wasn't long before the children were back to where the food was set out to get a 2nd and 3rd plate full of food and they made short work on all the treats that they were allowed whilst us grown up ate a lovely salad.

Smoked Salmon Salad

It did start a big conversation though, just what is it that a picnic has to include food wise to be regarded as the best picnic for you and your family? I think that for me a picnic has to include mini sausages or it just isn't a picnic!