Big Boy Playing in the Garden

Big Boy has loved the freedom that he has had since the start of the Summer Holidays. As soon as I come downstairs in the morning, I open the back door and it stays open until I go to bed. This means that if he wants to go in the garden at any time he can.

And so he does.

Most mornings He'll sit on the swing and just swing, enjoying the sunshine.

Big Boy in the garden

Sometimes I will look out of his bedroom window, as I open his curtains and make his bed and find him just walking round the garden, talking with the Cats or listening to the birds in the trees. Occasionally he stops and sniffs a flower, or picks a daisy from the lawn which will later be gifted to me.

He'll jump on the mini trampoline and have fun just jumping and enjoying the feeling of being able to fly.

On the Trampoline in the garden

And then he'll catch my eye and give me a grin and I know that this boy is mine and I wish that the carefree days of the holidays and of childhood would never end.