Bath Time Fun - A Review of Some Bath Toys

Like everything Bath time here at AMR is a lot of fun. We make sure of course that we get clean and that we have our hair washed, but we make sure too that we have a giggle with some bath toys and the children love using different soaps and bubble baths to have different scents about them too. We were sent some bath toys and bubble bath to review from H&A and Big Boy loved that there were some Sponge Bob and some Cars products as they are two of his favourite characters.

H&A Bath Time Toys and Bath and Shower GelH&A Bath Time Toys and Bath and Shower Gel

I put together one of the cars for the bath, but Big Boy has decided to keep this in the living room to play with. Top Ender followed the instructions on the packet and my already made up car to make the second car, and Big Boy is often found mixing the two together to create a Mater/Lightening hybrid. Apparently it's the worlds next super car.

Mater/Lightening hybrid. The worlds next super car.

Big Boy loves the Sponge Bob sponge, but preferred it in the packet because then Sponge Bob had his square pants so he is living on the sofa for a little while. The flannel was something that he loved though as you can see in the video of him making it change from the little square package it comes from into a full size flannel.

The items are available from Major Supermarkets (and Boots) and are priced from £2 and there are other characters available such as Thomas, Winnie the Pooh, Disney Princess, Disney Fairies and lots more.

We were sent a selection from the Sponge Bob and Cars range to review.