Top Enders Friday Lunch - A Star Quiche

I teased you all last Sunday in my What's For Lunch post that Top Ender's lunch today would be a good one, but I don't think you believed me. After all it was going to be Quiche, how special can a quiche be? Well, the answer is VERY special if it is a Star Quiche!

Uncooked Star Quiche - Top Enders Friday Lunch

I started off by cutting star shapes out of a few different vegetables. I used Carrots, Yellow Peppers, Red Onion Slices and slices of Ham (Yes, I know that Ham isn't a vegetable). I also threw into the home made pastry case some sweetcorn, some ordinary white diced onion (which I gently fried with the Red Onion Stars), some grated cheese and of course the egg and milk mixture.

Cooked Star Quiche - Top Enders Friday Lunch

Whilst I did the dishes (and had everyone on Twitter and Facebook cheer me up because my Mum had been rushed to hospital with a suspected mini stroke) the quiche baked in the oven and then cooled down on the side. It smelt fantastic whilst it was cooking and cooling and I even tried to get people to guess what it was so I could confirm and post a picture early!

Close up of the Star Quiche

I'm sure that Tops will love her lunch today to celebrate her Cousins birthday. The reason for the stars is because today would also have been my Gran's birthday and I know that she is looking down on us from the stars.