What's For Lunch (W/C 04/06)

With it being the double bank holiday for the Queens Jubilee and half term this coming week our lunches aren't needing to be as well planned and made as early in the morning as normal; but with Top Ender being at home all week and Daddy being home on Monday and Tuesday they are still going to be rather fabulous! We are hopefully going to be taking part in The Big Lunch today, but if it rains I don't think I dare have an outdoor picnic! Kingsmill have sponsored the Big Lunch and they have a great downloadable recipe book on their website filled with dream sandwiches created by Children all over the country. Some of them are things you would have guessed to put together, but some are quite creative.

Monday - DBLT

As you know we are all about the Bacon here at A Mothers Ramblings, but one thing that I don't think that the children have ever had is a BLT. So as we all love Bacon, we thought for lunch today on this very lovely Bank Holiday Monday we would do a BLT with double the bacon, so a DBLT! As we'll be making them just before we are eating them we can decide if they are going to be toasted or not just minutes before.

A Mothers Ramblings All About The Bacon Logo

Tuesday - Tomato Soup and Toasted Cheese Sandwiches

As our evening meal today is going to be a picnic style affair in celebration of the Queen's Jubilee we are going to have a hot meal for lunch. Tomato soup and toasted cheese sandwiches is something that Daddy introduced me too, if I had tomato soup I had a slice of white buttered bread, but now the children love to dip toasted cheese sandwiches into their soup too.

Wednesday - Tuna with Red Onion and Celery Sandwiches

We are out for a meal this evening at our local Beefeater Grill, and as we don't know what we are going to be eating until we get there and see what we like from the Menu we have decided that today for lunch it would be sensible to have fish as we hardly ever order fish in a restaurant! I thought it would be nice to finely chop a red onion and a couple of stick of celery and to mix it into a Tuna and mayonnaise mix before putting into sandwiches with a bit of lettuce.

Thursday - BBQ

We are at Whipsnade Zoo during the day with Thomson Family Resorts and Guinness World Records and they are providing a BBQ lunch, so we'll be eating that for lunch today. We love a good BBQ though, there is nothing like food cooked out in the open. I'll have to remember to take my own Dr Pepper BBQ sauce with me though as I doubt that it is one of the most popular of condiments. What do you love to put on your BBQ food? Are you a Ketchup or a relish kind of person?

Dr Pepper BBQ Sauce

Friday - Top Ender's Special Friday Lunch

It's World Oceans Day and so we're going to have a fun lunch today based around this. As normal I'm not going to tell you what the lunch actually is, so make sure you pop back on Friday to see it. Just remember last week's Star Quiche was more spectacular than you thought it would be!