Toilet Rolls, Boss Men And School Days

The other day, whilst I wasn't about, Big Boy was in the bathroom and started to shout for Daddy to come and help him. Daddy went to the bathroom to let Big Boy know that just because Mummy wasn't around didn't mean that Daddy was going to take over wiping his bottom for him. It turned out though that Big Boy didn't need help with the actual wiping, but we had run out of  paper and BB wasn't sure what to do. Daddy quickly remedied this by grabbing some of the paper from under the stairs (that's where we keep the spare paper) and he let Big Boy carry on with sorting himself out. The good thing about having run out of toilet paper was that we got another toilet roll tube to add to our crafting collection and it meant that we were finally able to open the pack of Andrex that was sent to us a few weeks back too.
Andrex Eco Gift Bag

Big Boy had been drawing with Daddy before his bathroom break and had drawn a picture of himself, a clown and a Boss man (You know the end of level character you play against in platform games). Daddy suggested to BB that they could make the Boss Man a 3D model and they used some of the kitchen rolls from our toilet roll box, when doing this.

Big Boys Self Portrait

Big Boys Picture of a Clown

Big Boys Boss Man 3D Model

When Tops and I got home, Big Boy showed us his creations and was very proud to have made them with Daddy. Daddy was so impressed with Big Boy and the ways in which he worked to create the Boss Man model. BB seems to have just got a little more mature in the last few weeks and we can see how ready he is for School.

I think watching BB over the last few weeks go through these changes has allowed me to see how he is going to be at School, I don't think I'm going to worry that he isn't going to learn or that he isn't going to develop new skills because he is so eager to learn and so excited to experience new things.

Now we just need a few more ideas on how to use up all our toilet rolls!

Box of Toilet Roll Tubes

All suggestions are welcome as we have enough toilet roll people and toilet roll glasses of juice to last a life time!