I'm joining a Gym

Over the weekend Daddy and I had a very serious talk where I was explaining to him just how much I hate being overweight and how I really need something else to help me to lose weight. I explained that I thought if we could go down to the Outdoor gym once a week as a family it would really help my motivation and fitness and our health as a family too. Daddy being the kind hearted soul that he is suggested that I join a real gym, once with a ceiling so I could go when it's raining and a swimming pool so I could swim and people who actually know what they are doing so they could advise me.

We can't really afford it, but we will make cut backs in other areas because as we know if you haven't got your health then you haven't got anything and so I've started investigating two gyms local to me. One of them, Daddy and I used to belong to before we had Top Ender. We stopped going because they didn't allow children and we knew that we were going to want to take Tops swimming, plus with a new baby neither of us had the energy to go to a gym!

Pippa Asleep with newborn Top Ender asleep on her

The other gym I'm considering is more local to us, and it's where I take Tops and BB swimming. Phoning them this afternoon to get some information (and possibly see if I could talk my way into a discount to make them a closer price to our old gym) led me to be my usual funny and charming self, but I didn't expect to almost make the chap talking to me wet himself laughing.

The chap asked me several questions about why I wanted to join a gym, how often I thought I would attend (Daddy has made me promise to go four times a week as a minimum), what my goals were, if I'd ever been a member of another gym, what sports I like to play etc and then he asked me how long I'd been thinking of joining a gym.

"What month are we?" I asked
"It's June" he answered with the confidence a man who works at a gym has
"Right, June... So that's ten years I've been thinking about it then" I answered

There was a slight pause where I started to laugh, knowing that my answer had thrown him. It was several minutes before he was able to stop himself laughing. Apparently I'm the funniest telephone enquiry he has ever had and he can't wait to meet me this afternoon for a tour of the gym.

I hope he knows I'm married.