Preparing For Summer - The Ice Treat Way

Like all children Tops and BB love a good ice cream, ice lolly or ice pop. The sound of the ice cream vans bells or the sight of an ice cream freezer in a shop sends them into a frenzy when the weather is warm and as much as I love my children I don't love the prices of individual lollies, ice creams or ice pops especially when you can buy a pack or tub for not a lot more.

The children love making their own ice cream sundaes, and so we have a few ice cream tubs in the freezer to dish out from and we keep a variety of toppings available as well as whipped cream so that everyone can have their favourite garnishes.

Home Made Ice Cream Sundaes

Out of the Angel Delight Ice Cream that we've been making, I've made a few more Angel Delight Ice Cream Lollies too. So far these have been some great after dinner treats and we love the extra fruit that we are getting in the ice cream too!

Angel Delight Ice Cream Lollies

We have made a few Ribena Lollies, LOL Lollies and a few Smoothie Lollies and they are all sitting in the freezer waiting for us to get to them. It's nice to have a variety of different lollies that we can choose from and apart from the initial cost of buying different ice cream moulds, it's a really cheap way of making different Lollies.

I've brought a lot of ice pops from different stores, making use of the different offers and Daddy is very pleased as he has been slowly munching his way through them as late night snacks. I've been very good and not eating them, as I'm mostly at the gym!

A different selection of Ice Pops

Hopefully having so many different types of ice cream, ice lollies and ice pops will give us all enough variety that we won't be temped by the ice cream van when he comes round!

Do you make lollies for your family to snack on? What kind of lollies do you make?