What We Are Eating This Week (16/06)

We're at the point here where everything in the freezer has been eaten, and so I need to work on stocking up the freezer and creating some nice meal for the family and all within my budget too. I pretty sure I'm not the only one who buys meat when it is on offer and stores in the freezer for use over the next couple of weeks to make better use of my budget. My budget is around £60 a week, what do you spend? I'm interested because I always feel that I'm spending a lot on not very much and I want to see compared to others!

Saturday - Steak and Chips

As it's a special celebration weekend, we thought some Steak and Chips would go down nicely for Daddy. Tops and I. Big Boy is still going through a only eat Chicken or ham phase so we'll serve him a small bit of steak but he'll probably ignore this and choose to eat something else. I'll make sure to get some nice ham in for him.

Daddy normally cooks the steak, but I think if I find some thicker pieces for a good price that I might cook it as Daddy likes his steak medium and I prefer mine rare. I don't think Daddy knows how to cook steak rare. We'll serve this with Mushrooms, Salad for me and Daddy will have beans... the cretin.

Sunday - Sunday Roast

The roast this week is a little special because obviously today we are celebrating Fathers Day! As per Top Enders request I'll be making lots of stuffing and extra helpings of vegetables as Tops as has asked to have leftovers for lunch at School. As a treat for Daddy on Fathers Day we're having a pudding too. I've asked Daddy to let me know what pudding he would like, and he has until I go shopping today to let me know... if he doesn't come up with something then I will serve some Ice Cream Sundaes as we have everything we need in the cupboard and I brought some bowls last week that I want to use again!

Ice Cream Sundaes

We have some Sorelle to drink with lunch too, it's a new to the UK alcohol free wine style drink which is great for me as I don't drink alcohol. I'll put a review up on Sunday evening of what we think, but hopefully it's going to go down well.

Monday - Creamy Spaghetti with Broccoli and Ham

I was reading through a website during the week which I can't find again and there was a recipe for a Southern Style Spaghetti dish, it got me thinking and I decided that we were going to have to something similar this week. I really love Broccoli and so does Daddy, so I think if I mix tiny little florets in that Tops and BB should be okay eating it as they love it in a few different pre made dishes that they have had in the past.

Tuesday - Jacket Potatoes

Finally we will get to eat the Twice Baked Jacket Potatoes. Oh yes we blooming will.

Wednesday - Take Away

Daddy and I are off to see Sister Act at Milton Keynes Theatre AND Big Boy is having his first interview at School during the day so we wanted something quick and something that Big Boy would think of as a celebration too. 

My Mum will more than likely be babysitting and so I think that Tops and my Mum will have KFC as that's what my Mum loves!

Thursday - Fish Pie

It feels that we haven't had fish for ages and I'm really missing it! I used to eat Trout all the time when I was at University, but haven't had it for years so I think that if I don't include it in tonight's dish then we'll have to have it in the next couple of weeks. I'm planning on making Fish Pie and I'm going to include some Jumbo Prawns as Daddy and I really enjoyed them as our starter on the Jubilee Weekend.

Jumbo Prawns

I'm not sure what our film is going to be this week, so I haven't planned the pudding but it'll be something special!

Friday - Sweet and Sour Chicken Stir Fry

I asked Daddy to give me some suggestions of meals that he would like this week and he asked for Chicken Sweet and Sour Stir Fry like his Dad used to make. I think that it will be a good Friday night meal, so we can serve it with rice and prawn crackers. 

I'm going to do a couple of side dishes to go with it too, some veggie noodles and I'm going to attempt to make Sweet and Sour Pork Balls too which Tops and Big Boy love when we order Chinese in.

A quick question for those of you who made it through my blog post, how many portions of fruit and veg do you eat on average a day? Do you plan them out in advance or do you just leave it to chance?