What We Are Eating This Week (W/C 09/09)

Do you watch The Apprentice? Daddy was shouting at the TV during the final when it was said that nobody meal plans the weeks meals in advance, not only do we plan our weekly evening meals in advance but I plan our lunches too! It works for us because we go shopping once a week and we like to make sure that we are getting the best out of our budget and that we have meals that suit our weekly schedule too. This week is no different and so here for you (and for me when I can't remember what I planned) is this weeks meal plan.

Saturday - Chinese Beef

Chinese Beef is one of my favourite meals and I think that it's perfect Saturday night food especially when it's  served with home fried prawn crackers, as they are Top Ender and Big Boys favourites. I remember as a child my parents making stir frys at home with a properly seasoned wok and watching the little discs of "plastic" turn in to Prawn Crackers. My wok isn't seasoned, but it still turns out a decent Chinese meal I won't be using it this weekend as I'll probably put the food in the slow cooker so I don't have to worry about taking time out from the family!

Chinese Beef cooked in the Slow Cooker

Sunday - Roast

Last Monday I roasted my Chicken in the Halogen Oven due to my bad time keeping skills. I forgot how good the Halogen is at roasting Chickens, I find that everything is a lot more moist and the skin crisps up nicely which pleases Tops immensely. The only problem is making gravy and cleaning the blooming thing after. Maybe we should make a new rule that Daddy does the dishes on a Sunday night and also doesn't have gravy...

Monday - Fruity Pork Steaks

I found the recipe on the BBC and it sounds lovely so we'll be trying this on Monday. We love pork at AMR and there are only so many ways to eat it, so hopefully this fruity way will become a firm favourite like the Sticky Sausage and Bacon Roast Daddy made up a few months back. If it doesn't, well at least I know I tried!

Tuesday - Twice Baked Jacket Potatoes

Due to Tops fantastic achievement of breaking a Guinness World Record last week we didn't eat the Jacket Potatoes on Thursday night but had a sneaky celebratory takeaway instead. The twice Baked Jacket Potatoes are still in the outdoor freezer and there they will stay until Tuesday night where I will heat them in the oven for about thirty to forty minutes and then serve. And I don't care if Daddy says he doesn't want to eat them this week!

Wednesday - Lasagne

I'm going to use the spare Lasagne in the freezer to have a quick meal on Wednesday night as Daddy will be taking Big Boy swimming for his Daddy Date Night. Tops and I aren't sure what we are going to get up to, but we know that it's going to be fun! I'm going to serve the Lasagne with Salad and Garlic Bread and Corn on the Cob for Tops and I.

Mini Corn on the Cobs

Thursday - Cassoulet 

We are going to be watching Monster In Paris as our Thursday Pyjama night film so I thought I would do a Pork Sausage Cassoulet as it's French and the film is set in Paris (See what I did there?). As the French are big on big extravagant family meals where everyone sits and eats at the table together I think that we will fit in perfectly! Keep an eye out for a blog post on Thursday night about what we think of the film and also to see what our pudding is, so far our Thursday puddings have been a Banoffee Cheesecake and a Big As Your Head Cookie, so you know it will be something fun!

Friday - Chilli Con Carne

I'm going to use the leftover Spaghetti Bolognese mix that is in the freezer and add some kidney beans, chopped peppers and chilli powder to have some Chilli Con Carne. It's a nice warming meal and I'll serve it with Rice and Salad and because we want it to be a nice Friday night meal I'll also add some cheesy tortillas too. 

Hmmm I really shouldn't write my menu before I've eaten as now I'm really hungry! I'm off to find myself a healthy snack. Carrot and Oat Cookie anyone?