A Healthy Rainy Jubilee Bank Holiday

It may have been raining this special double bank holiday Jubilee celebrating weekend, but that isn't stopping us from having fun. It's hard to explain just how fun our house is when we are all together. It might be that we go to the shops for a walk, or we play silly games, or that we build Lego together, or even that we get into the kitchen and do the dishes together or bake something. It is just important to us to have this fun together and so we try to take advantage of this and spend all the time together that we can!

This is what we got up to this past weekend.

We have brought a herb wheel for me to plant up my herb garden after my Mother in Law kindly gave me plants from her own garden seeing my new love for the use of herbs in my meals and because her herb garden is fantastic. Mine will soon rival hers though as I have been given a Miracle Grow Herb Planter bag to review too, which also got planted up at the weekend.

Miracle Grow Herb Planter

The children have been planting up some veggies that Birds Eye sent us, and we're hoping that this will also help them to eat more vegetables rather than just sticking to the ones they know they like, you can get your own seeds on the Birds Eye Facebook app so you too can Grow Your Own. Big Boy in particular is going through a stage where he is claiming not to like carrots when we know that he does and he loves eating them when he doesn't know they are in his food such as in my Carrot and Oat Cookies!

Birds Eye Grow Your Own Vegetables

We've been tending to our potatoes, which Daddy is really excited about as it's the first time he has taken charge of growing them (I normally tend the potatoes myself and am always proud of my home grown potatoes) and we can't wait to have Jacket Potatoes for dinner especially as they have been grown in our own garden.

Potatoes growing in a Pot

And of course we've been eating at the dinner table for all our meals with each other, which not only gives us the benefit of being able to bond together, to teach table manners, to encourage eating of meals and foods that might not be family favourites, but also because research shows that children of families that eat together are less likely to be overweight themselves in the future. As I'm very overweight this isn't something I want for my children and I'm pleased that this simple act of eating together along with the healthy meals we eat and the healthy eating habits is setting them up for life where they aren't having to fight with their weight.

So, that is what we were up to this weekend. It was fun, healthy and a little bit rainy but we didn't care!