What's For Lunch (W/C 25/06)

I'm really excited about lunch this week! I'm starting to give BB packed lunches for him to eat at home so that he is used to what he will get when he is at School this September, and we will be able to work out if there are any problems with opening boxes or packaging.

Monday - Chicken Pieces and Roll

We ended up buying some some precooked chicken pieces for Sunday Lunch, and there were a few bits leftover which Top Ender straight away wanted to know if she could have them for lunch. I've served it with a roll so that she has some carbohydrates.

Tuesday - Wimbledon Lunch

Daddy is off to Wimbledon today, so I thought it would be a good idea to make Top Ender a Wimbledon lunch today too. I've already got a few different treats for Daddy planned which I will put into a small cool bag for him, that way he won't have to worry about queueing to get food instead of watching some quality Tennis.

Wednesday - Hot Dogs

After last weeks American lunch with Hot Dogs, Tops asked if she could have warm hot dogs for lunch so today is a hot hot dog! I'm going to check in advance what happens when the hot dog bun is warm, because I think that it might go soggy, so we might add them to a different container.

Insulated Bento Box

Thursday - Ham Sandwich

Tops loves a ham sandwich, so I thought a Tuesday ham sandwich would be great. I'm going to add in some grated carrot and grated cucumber for different textures, plus when it's done this way the cucumber doesn't make the bread soggy!

Friday - Top Enders Friday Lunch

This Friday there are some treats for Top's lunch that I can't wait for! I think that this is going to be great fun and will bring forward a lot of memories for parents! You're going to need Cheese, Spring Onions, Ham, raisins, sprinkles, crackers and chopped vegetables.