Father's Day Meme

I do loved being tagged in a Meme, especially when it's one that I can answer really easily! To celebrate Father's Day this weekend I was tagged by BareNakedMummy to do this Father's Day meme. In fact I was only tagged about five minutes ago and here is the post live!

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1.     How did you tell your partner they were going to be a dad for the first time?
With Tops I came out of the bathroom holding the test and a look of shock on my face. I had intended just to use the test up as it was near it's "best before date" and didn't expect to be pregnant. I think I phoned him for BB but we knew in advance of me taking the test that I was pregnant. It was *that* planned!

2.     How did your partner react to the news?

Very excited, we were going out to the cinema and I think he grinned the entire evening.

3.     What advice/support/thing did you most appreciate from your partner during pregnancy?
He let me sleep. I was going to bed at like 7pm every night and he was so good with this. And with the tonnes of squash and ginger I consumed too. Sickness was horrid and he was there for me.

4.     What advice/support/thing did you most appreciate from your partner during childbirth?
Hmmm. I think I loved that he didn't keep repeating everything the midwife said and he held my hand. That was all I needed.

5.     What advice/support/thing did you most appreciate from your partner during those first tough weeks?
I didn't change a single nappy for two weeks. Daddy changed them all, and he let me sleep when I could too. He was a love.

6.     What’s the funniest story/encounter your child’s father ever had with the baby/babies?
I'm not sure actually. I guess it would be that he thought he wouldn't be a great Dad and that he would have to work at it. He doesn't, he's a natural.

 7.     What do you think makes a good dad? 
Someone who is there for their children, not just in person but they know they can turn to him when they have a problem. Someone who knows the children's interests and likes and dislikes and friends and favourite place to visit. I guess what I'm trying to say is my husband is a good Dad.

8.     What do you most appreciate about your child(rens) dad and want to thank them for?
I don't know what I appreciate most because he is a pretty special guy, I want to thank him for being my husband and my children's father, for being there for them and me and my extended family and for being so wonderful. I don't say it often enough but he really is.

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