Preparing For Summer - The Cool Way

Despite all the rain of late, I'm getting ready for summer. Tops, Big Boy and I have HUGE plans for this Summer as it is the last one before Big Boy starts School and so we want to make the most of everyday. We already know that every morning we want to head down to a local park so that Tops and BB can have a play whilst I use the outdoor gym equipment (on top of going to the gym every morning) and we've decided come rain or shine that is where we will be found before breakfast. I think that by putting the children in charge of making sure that

I've also started stocking the freezer ready for summer, with plenty of ice pops and I've been slowly increasing our supply of ice cubes with a few surprises for Tops and Big Boy too. The most exciting of which are the Vampire teeth ice cubes!

Vampire Teeth Ice CubesVampire Teeth Ice Cubes

I think it would be great fun to find some vampire teeth in your drink, and I thought that it might be fun to find some blood filled vampire teeth too. To make the coloured cubes I just added some food colouring in the water.

Blood Filled Vampire Teeth Ice Cubes

I'm going to make some more different shaped ice cubes for Summer, and I'm planning on making them different colours too. What colours do you think I should make? What colours do you associate with Summer?