Pink Shoes To Wear To School

Today Top Ender is wearing pink to school, as are all of her classmates and teachers. They are raising money for Breast Cancer Research and so I imagine a sea of pink will await me when I pick Tops up this afternoon. Tops has planned her outfit down to her socks and was most surprised when I suggested that she wear her new Lelli Kelly shoes too.

Top Ender wearing Lelli Kelly Shoes

They look great right? Tops got them a few days ago thanks to Cloggs who had sent them for us to review. I have always steered away from Lelli Kelly because I hate the adverts, but after a few other Mums talking about how they aren't that bad and are quite hard wearing made me think I should check them out myself... well Top Ender should.

Tops chose a pair that she liked and we placed the order on the website. The site is really easy to navigate and if I'm not careful we might find that Tops has ordered several more pairs when we're not looking! When the shoes arrived I let Tops unwrap them as I know she loves the excitement of opening packages. We had a good examine of them and I loved that the Lelli Kelly shoes have a removable leather insole which acts as a comfort cushion according to Tops. Once you remove the insoles the shoes are washable and they are undeniable cute, I mean look at them, these ones have butterflies on them!

Top Ender's right Lelli Kelly Shoe wearing footTop Ender's left Lelli Kelly Shoe wearing foot

There are a lot of other Lelli Kelly Shoes at Cloggs and Top Ender is now working out how to persuade me to buy her all the pairs that she likes. So far they have been great, she has been doing all the normal things such as climbing up the climbing frame, bouncing on the trampoline, walking around everywhere and never standing still so bouncing around like a bunny rabbit.

This afternoon BB and I will get in on the fun too with our own pink outfits, but I don't think we will be quite so sparkly!

We were sent a pair of Lelli Kelly Shoes to review, and despite hating the song in the advert I quite like the shoes. Darn it.