What We Are Eating This Week (W/C 23/08)

I'm so late in posting this, because I've been so busy this weekend! I'm trying to get used to my new gym schedule and I was out on Saturday with BB and Dairylea and there is a whole lot of excuses going on! I have however gone and done the post as of Saturday!

Saturday - Fend For Yourself Night

There are leftovers in the fridge from Friday and in the freezer and enough eggs to make omelettes or cereal or whatever anyone fancies. Tops has a birthday party quite late and part of it is going to McDonalds for a meal, so she won't need to eat. BB and I will be at a Dairylea event during the day so we will have food whilst there and will have a few snacks to feast on, on the way home. Everyone is in charge of making sure they personally aren't hungry, although I'll probably take responsibility for BB!

Sunday - Roast Chicken

My Mum is coming for dinner on Sunday (no, really this time), so you can expect the works for dinner. The only downside is there won't be any leftovers for eating during the week!

Monday - Jacket Potato

Jacket potatoes are my go to cheap eat. I've got some different toppings and plenty of Salad so we will all have what we like. I'm going to go with grated carrot, strips of peppers and a very tiny amount of cheese, but I know that the rest of the family will be all about the beans and cheese.

Tuesday - Wraps

Daddy is off to Wimbledon today, so he won't be eating with us. As he isn't around, Tops, BB and I are going to make the most of it and have one of the Sharwood Wraps kits that were sent to us to try. We have two different Chinese ones and an Indian one, but I'm not sure which one I will make just yet! The great news is that I know that everyone will eat these because both Tops and BB love wraps.

Sharwoods Wrap Kits

Wednesday - Turkey and Mushroom Pie

I really love pie with Mash, but it's something that we don't eat all that often because I don't like making gluten free pastry! I brought some the other day though and I thought that a Turkey and Mushroom pie was needed.

Thursday - Cheesy Gammon Pasta with Spinach

We love Gammon, and we love Pasta so combining them together is going to make one of our most favourite meals ever! I thought of putting in the spinach as Daddy complains that I use peas to much, he doesn't like sweetcorn and I didn't think that carrots were a worthy addition to the dish. I really need more go to vegetables!

Friday - Pizza

There is going to be gammon left over from last night so I'll add the leftover pieces to pizza! We love making home made pizza and it's fun to use up leftovers too. One of the best things is that everyone loves pizza so I know that everyone will eat them and they are really easy to make Gluten free too.