Steel Magnolias - Milton Keynes Theatre

The first time I saw Steel Magnolias, a friend was in a local production of it. I remember sitting there transfixed, crying my eyes out and loving it. It wasn't until several years later that I watched the film, and it became an instant favourite for watching on cold grey days (rather like today), when nobody minds if you sit indoors snivelling at a film. Thanks to Milton Keynes Theatre, I had tickets to go and see the touring production of Steel Magnolias and so took my Mum to see it.

My Mum was pleased as the cast includes, Kacey Ainsworth (as Annelle), Isla Blair (as M’Lynn), Cheryl Campbell (as Ouiser), Cherie Lunghi (as Clairee), Sadie Pickering (as Shelby) and Denise Welch (as Truvy) so lots of people that she recognises from TV and even though the story line is a little close to home (my Mum is a diabetic and so I'm always worried that she'll get ill) we had a great night out together.

A Scene from Steel Magnolias, photo by Paul Coltas
photo by Paul Coltas

Luckily I remembered to take tissues as we were crying with the sadness of the play and with laughter at some points. The cast work wonderfully together, and I really did feel that I was sitting in Truvy's Salon sharing the ups and downs of Louisiana's country life with them.

Have you seen the film? Who do you identify with most in the cast?