Hands - The Gallery

I wasn't going to join in with The Gallery this week as the image I wanted to take for it was of me at the gym, but it's rather hard to take a picture of my hands on the gym equipment when I have to hold the camera too. I was busy writing a post for Pippa World, when I remembered this picture from last night and thought I had to join in just so I can make a joke.

Here is Daddy at Wimbledon yesterday evening (he's the one under my finger). He was on Centre Court and so got to watch some great tennis. Due to where he was sat I got to play one of my favourite games which is find your husband in the audience when you pause the TV.

Flyfour watching Andy Murray at Wimbledon 2012

My favourite game is to play The National Lottery Hand. Could it be You? Or You? OR YOU?????

Of course we can also point out that we can see the hands of Andy Murray, and what great hands they are. I mean have you seen him serve a tennis ball? And we can see the hands of the audience giving a round of applause. What other sound can hands make that can show so much appreciation by so many?