Sorelle - A New Wine Style Drink

We don't drink alcohol here at A Mothers Ramblings, we drink a variety of soft drinks and water but we don't have a special drink that we can pull out on special occasions or to celebrate family events with. For Father's Day we were asked if we would like to try Sorelle a brand new 0% wine-style drink that is launching in the UK. We were sent a bottle of Rose, which I put into the fridge ready to accompany the Sunday Roast.

Sorelle - A New Wine Style Drink

We offered the Children a glass, but both declined which was good as Daddy and I really liked the drink and drank the entire bottle during dinner. Thank goodness it's only 24 calories a glass (there is about 83 in a glass of a Rose with alcohol) as it means that my outdoor gym workout that morning hadn't been for nothing! It's hard to explain because I've not drunk alcohol for so long, but it did taste like what I thought I remembered wine tasted like. There is that crispness and that dryness along with the fruitiness and sweetness that you expect and it just tasted good. Daddy also agreed that it tasted very nice and fought me for the last half glass in the bottle (I won) and I've already added it to our shopping list for next week.

Sorelle Empty Bottle

I told my Sister and my Nan about the drink before we tried it, as it's something that I thought they would both be interested in, as they are both "proper" wine drinkers. My Nan is waiting for me to give her a call so she knows if I think she should add this to her shopping list as she thought something like this would be good to offer her guests who drive and I'll be buying my sister, who is breastfeeding, a bottle too.

My Mum is coming for dinner this weekend (well barring any last minute illness) and so she'll have some of the Sorelle too. It's going to be a regular item on our Tesco shopping list as at £3.49 a bottle its not so expensive it will break the bank but it's not so cheap that we'll drink it all the time and become bored with it. Also I noticed when adding it to the shopping list that until the 17th July it's part of a buy any 2 for 1 offer, so a great time to stock up.

We were sent a bottle or Rose from Sorelle to review.