What We Are Eating This Week (W/C 30/06)

I'm trying to keep costs down at the moment, so the meals that I'm making are all fairly cheap. At the same time though I'm trying to be healthy as I don't want to cancel out all my working out at the Gym! I tend to serve everything with Salad and fill up on that and the protein part of the meal, so hopefully I should be okay this week!

Saturday - Cold Chicken and Potatoes

We eat a lot of Chicken as a family, and I have a pack that is needing to be used up so I will make a Salad, New Potatoes and some bacon wrapped asparagus. I saw the bacon wrapped asparagus on Pinterest and knew I had to try it! I think that it will add something different to the meal and will be a lot of fun too.

Sunday - Roast Chicken

I don't know why I even blog a Sunday Meal plan seeing as how it's always the same! My herb garden is going great and I love using fresh herbs in my Roast prep although I am going to try making Yorkshire Pudding again this week to see if Daddy is able to tolerate it. I miss Yorkshire Puddings!

Monday - Fish and Chips

I've been craving Fish and Chips for ages, as we can only get it from a Take Away on a Sunday or a Monday (As they do Gluten Free those nights) I'm thinking that we should go for it today. I'm off out with my Mum this evening to see Murder on The Nile at Milton Keynes Theatre, so Daddy will pick her up and then pop to the Chip shop with her before coming home. It's a treat for all of us.

Packaging from Deep Blue Fish & Chips Who do Gluten Free Days

Tuesday - Lasagne

Big Boy has asked every meal time this week if he has Lasagne for dinner. Every time I have had to tell him that it isn't on the meal plan and that I would add it next week. Finally he gets it tonight, so he'll be really pleased. I'm going to make some Garlic Bread to go with it and will serve myself a huge salad too.

Wednesday - Jacket Potatoes

Big Boy and I are out during the day in London with some friends and some of the Cussons team. I'll put some Jacket potatoes into the slow cooker before we go out in the morning and they will be ready for us to create our own toppings by the time we sit down to eat.

Thursday - Cheesy Bean Pie

I haven't made Cheesy Bean Pie for AGES, it's really simple you just put cold beans with grated carrots and gently fried bacon bits and finely diced onion into an oven proof dish and top with mashed potato and grated cheese on top. Cook this in the oven for about twenty minutes and then serve!

Tops, BB and I will have an egg in the middle of ours, but as Daddy is still off eating whole eggs he won't. It's a great meal as it's cheap, tasty and if you don't put in the onion and bacon quite healthy.

Friday - Sausage Risotto (type thing)

Everyone loves Sausages here at AMR and everyone loves Rice too. You slice the sausages and gently fry with a little oil and some onion. After everything is starting to turn a nice colour add some stock. At the same time cook rice according to pack instructions (we like to cook it with the right amount of water for absorption). Add in some frozen veg (peas or sweetcorn go best) to the rice and about half way through the cooking time and once the rice is cooked stir in the sausage, onion and stock mix. Mix it all together, add more stock if needed and serve!