A Week of Lunches (W/C 04/05)

Top Ender and I are sitting in the garden whilst, she finishes her dinner and we talk about various lunches that we have enjoyed and Big Boy is playing Shops, which as far as I can tell mainly involves him going to Gregg's the Bakers! This past week I have had everyday a variation of a Chicken Salad, this has been brilliant as it's filling and I do love a bit of Chicken! Next week I'm going to mainly be eating the same but here are the plans for the Children.

Saturday - Gluten Free Bacon Quiche

Big Boy has decided that we should have quiche for lunch, which is fine by Top Ender and I and even Daddy as long as I remember to use no egg and gluten free pastry. Unless I go to the shops before we make the quiche that is all it will have in it, although I'm sure I can rustle up a bit of onion and some chopped mushrooms... if I do go to the Shops then I'll also include a bit of tomato but don't tell the children as they still claim they don't like it.

Sunday - Dairylea Selection

It's Fast Sunday for me, so whilst I'm fasting the children and Daddy will be tucking into the new Dairylea that was delivered this week with a selection of items to put it on. Dairylea have made a few suggestions such as crackers, so that the family can decide which makes the best base for the new flavours. If they are still hungry (although I doubt it!) there is some leftover quiche. 

Monday - Cauliflower Cheese

I have a great diet recipe for Cauliflower Cheese and I'm hoping that the Children don't turn up their noses, because if they do I'll have to force feed them! We're having the Cauliflower Cheese because it is Meatless Monday!

Tuesday - Chicken Wrap

Top Ender should be well enough to go back to School today, which is a good thing as her Five Day Weekend was more than enough! Big Boy will still be at home because his Chicken Pox won't have scabbed over enough to mean he can go back to School. When I make Daddy's Chicken wrap I'll have to remember to add a lot of Mayola because he said his gluten free wraps are rather dry. It's a quality that we'll learn to live with however as we're still amazed that the wraps are so pliable!

Wednesday - Pizza Pittas

Last week Top Ender really enjoyed the pitta pizzas that she had, she said she even preferred them cold and so we're making Hawaiian for her and Margarita for Big Boy.

Thursday - Toasted Cheese Sandwiches

Tops and Big Boy really enjoyed the Daffy Duck bills I made and Tops has asked if it is okay if she has two cheese heavy lunches next to each other. I've told her that just this once we'll let her off as long as she eats all her fruit too.

Friday - Top Ender's Friday Lunch And Big Boy's Too!

This Friday the lunch is a ham sandwich and will be a little reminder about what this week has mainly been about for us... and if you can't guess what the sandwich is going to look like then you don't follow me on Twitter or Facebook close enough!

So that's the lunches for this week, which are always accompanied with fruit or a vegetable and hopefully will still continue to come back home completely eaten.

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