Dinner Plans (W/C 25/05)

I've found that working from a set of meals so much easier to meal plan, I know that I asked a few weeks back about what people thought about set meals for a family on a monthly or weekly basis, but I think that I really am going to have to investigate this! Anyway, this is week five of the diet, so not long until I can weigh myself and see how well it has worked!

Saturday - Chicken Satay

We love Chicken Satay! I haven't made it for ages though so I'm looking forward to making it tonight with rice and salad.

Sunday - Roast Chicken

I do love a Sunday Roast and it is still a highlight of the week, even though we've got some great meals planned this week too!

Monday - Meatless Monday Curry and Mac and Cheese

Daddy and I are going to have the leftover curry again tonight (it's all gone now) and the Children are going to have Mac and Cheese as it is one of their favourite dishes.

Tuesday - Lamb Moussaka

It was Daddy who first introduced me to Lamb Moussaka, and I'm pleased to say that not only do I love it but that I'm pretty sure that the children will too because it is so similar to Lasagne (well in my mind).

Wednesday - Baked Fish

The meal plan suggests a breaded fish fillet and whilst that is fine for the children and I, Daddy won't be able to eat it... so I'm not quite sure what he is going to eat but I do know that it will be fish! I've been thinking about making something with red onion and tomatoes so hopefully something tasty will come of it!

Thursday - Cheesy Gammon Pasta

We really enjoyed the gammon pasta a couple of weeks back, so we've got it again tonight. As it is easy to make, the Children are going to help make it tonight.

Friday - Jambalaya

I'm pretty sure that I've never made or eaten Jambalaya before, but this Friday we're trying it out for the first time! The recipe looks fairly simple and I hope that it will taste great as I can imagine that the flavours will mix well together.

What are you eating this week?

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