Hovis Breakfast Bakes - A Great Afternoon Slump Snack!

I'm not one to turn down free food (which is why you should all read Pippa World) and so when I was offered some of the new Hovis Breakfast Bakes to try I of course said yes. Typically they arrived about two minutes after I had finished my breakfast and so the pack were left on the side until Big Boy spotted them mid afternoon.

Big Boy and the Hovis Breakfast Bakes

What are these? Can I have one? he asked. It was nearly time for an afternoon snack (for him) so I agreed that he could try one biscuit. Big Boy examined the boxes very carefully and eventually decided he have a Malted Crunch.

Big Boy eating a Hovis Breakfast Bake

Big Boy loved the biscuits, but insists that nobody would want them for breakfast "even with tea and fruit" as they are much more of an "afternoon snack when you're body wants to go to sleep and your brain says it isn't time". Seeing as Big Boy has never worked in an office, I'm not sure he knows just how true his words are!

Hovis Breakfast Bake Serving Suggestion

We've agreed that some of the biscuits will be tried at breakfast (although in our house without the tea) and that we'll include some in lunch boxes and some will live in my handbag snack box (it's for when Big Boy has a low and we aren't at home) and I'm sure that if unlike us, you eat breakfast on the go or skip breakfast that these will be a handy addition to your stock cupboard.

The Hovis Breakfast Bakes are available to buy from Morrisons with an RRP of £2.19 per box.

We were sent three boxes to review.

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