Nobody Here But Us Chickens - Big Boy Giggles

Big Boy wasn't impressed to find out that he had Chicken Pox, and spent most of the first morning off School denying that the increasing number of spots were Chicken Pox. Every few minutes, Big Boy would examine his hand, wave his hand in the air and then shake his head and then carry on what he was doing. This went on for a few hours, until Top Ender and I got fed up of his denials.

"Why do you not think you have Chicken Pox Big Boy?" I asked him

Big Boy stopped and looked at Top Ender and I very seriously and then re-examined the spot on his hand.

"That's because these spots aren't Chicken Shaped Mummy! They can't be Chicken Pox can they!"

Big Boy with Scabbing over Chicken Pox

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