Evening Meal Plans (W/C 4/5)

We're still on a diet this week, we will be for several more weeks (well I will anyway) but the general opinion last week was that it didn't look like a diet. Each meal was at the most 500 calories per portion, which isn't bad right?

Saturday - Cornbeef Hash

Blame my sister for this one, she had this for dinner a couple of weeks ago and I've been craving it ever since!

Sunday - Roast Chicken

We're back to our usual Sunday Roast, which can be healthy if you remember portion sizes!

Monday - Meatless Monday - Cheese and Potato Grills

I'm at the Theatre with my Mum tonight, so we have Cheese and Potato Grills as they are quick, easy and tasty!

Tuesday - Catalan Egg Supper

Honestly I don't think I'm home this week, Tops has her Church group tonight so we're having a Catalan Egg Supper, apart from Daddy who'll have the supper and just not the egg.

Wednesday - Fish Pie

Daddy liked the fish pie I made the other week that didn't have a white sauce so we're having it again tonight.

Tomato Based Fish Pie

Thursday - Sausage, Beans and Mash

Yet again I'm leaving the family to their own devices after dinner. So I'm going to be making Sausages Beans and mash and hoping that someone else will do the dishes!

Friday - Tuna Lasagne

I blame Daddy and Top Ender for this. Last Wednesday I didn't make the lasagne as I had fasted all day. This meant that I had enough calories to have a take away and Daddy and Tops ganged up on me... so now we're having it tonight!

As normal all our meals are served with plenty of veg, there is always salad available and we eat lots of fruit!

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