The Number Train from Lego Duplo Review

Keeping Big Boy amused and trying to keep up with the School work he has been missing due to his Chicken Pox is starting to take it's toll. Big Boy is desperate to go back to School because I'm a slave driver with getting him to read and write, and count and practice his letter sounds and he thinks School will be easier! Luckily for us, fate was smiling on us yesterday as we were sent the new Lego Duplo Number Train (RRP £12.99) and it meant that we got to play together whilst Big Boy was practising his Math skills and he didn't realise that we were working!

Ten Wiggly Toes and a Ten Lego Block

After Big Boy had built the train (using the box as a guide as he likes to make sure he has things "right") we got down to business of counting and adding up and taking away and generally having fun with numbers. The fact that Big Boy got to build at the same time was an added bonus.

Building the Number Train from Lego Duplo

I even had Big Boy building Math Trees (he insists it's a fighting robot, other wise why would there be wheels?!) using bricks that were sums of each other. Can you work out the sums I asked him to do to build the tree?

Math Trees (On Wheels!)

As usual the great thing about Duplo is that it is big and bright, so perfect for little hands to handle and not so small that you won't see them on the floor and have to do the dreaded bare foot walk of death!

The Number Train from Lego Duplo

The train is designed for preschoolers aged 2-5 years, but I know that Children of all ages will love playing with the bricks and creating number games with the train seeing as I did and I'm a little over 5 years old.

We were sent the Lego Duplo Number Train to review.

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