Soreen - A Few Tasty Ideas

Big Boy and I have started to get a little bored with having the Chicken Pox, so we decided to have a little Soreen tasting session with lots of different flavours. We've not told Soreen what we did yet, but we're sure that their Twitter and Facebook streams are already full of people having had little taste tests!

We thought we'd be healthy to start with and went for sliced apples on a Slice of Chocolate Soreen...

Apple Slices on Chocolate Soreen

And then we thought thin slices of banana with chocolate sprinkles and cream...

Banana and Chocolate Sprinkles on Chocolate Soreen with Cream

We had to try jam oozing all over the slice...

Jam on Chocolate Soreen

And then we used some of our Smoothie Fruits to make a Summer fruit compote...

Summer Fruits and Cream on Soreen Lunchbox Loaf

The taste tests were an outstanding success, with both Big Boy and I eating far more than we should have... although we had been out for a long walk first! We both decided that the best tasting one was the Banana and Cream with Chocolate sprinkles.

Which would be your favourite or least favourite?

If you want to test them all out then you can buy the Chocolate loaves in Asda until the 6th June, in Morrisons from the 20th May until the 10th June and in Sainsbury’s from the 23rd May until the for 13th June and if you come up with some other toppings let me know as Big Boy and I are wanting to try some new combinations!

We were sent Soreen to review.

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