An Excuse If Ever I Heard One - Big Boy Giggles

Big Boy has related this story to three separate family members. Each time the story is identical to the last, so we can only assume that he is telling the truth and recalling to the best of his ability the events that happened. This blog post is in Big Boy's own words.

I was sitting in class after having had some free flow time. They had done the register and we did some work on the white board when my teacher said it was time to move on to group work. I didn't want to do group work, because it had been boring before so I thought how can I get out of it?

Then I remembered that I had a spot on my hand that I had and maybe it would mean I couldn't do group work. So when we were sitting at the table I put up my hand and showed my teacher. She took me to the teaching assistant and they both said it was Chicken Pox, so I was sent to the Medical room and that was when they phoned Mummy.

Chicken Pox on Big Boy's Palm

It's at this point that the person talking to Big Boy asks, if he is sure that is how it happened and that he was trying to get out of group work and Big boy insists that it is and that he really really hates group work!

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