The Mammoth Garden Project - Part Two

A few days ago someone asked how The Mammoth Garden Project was coming along and apart from the massive mistake of not putting out the green bins to be emptied a couple of weeks back, it's coming along nicely. Why don't you take a look?!

Over grown border around Apple TreeCleared Boarder by Pear Tree

Overgrown garden, view from PatioCleared garden right hand side

overgrown patio unable to be usedThe Cleared Patio

We've even managed to right the apple tree (although it still needs further support in order to be fully upstanding) over the bank holiday weekend something which I'm hoping hasn't killed the tree and if the tree survives them I am very proud of!

The Staked Apple Tree

The aim now is to get the green bins emptied again (this Friday because of the Bank Holiday) and then start cutting back and making tidy on the other side of the garden and across the back.

The overgrown Left Hand Side of the garden

Talking of which, does anyone know what to do with a Holly Bush, as that is what is at the back and I'm really not sure how to manage it and there isn't anything in my Gardening for Beginners book.

As I won't be able to do the cutting back and tidying of the borders until the green bin is empty (we really should get our own compost bin going) I'm going to concentrate on digging over the border and creating some definition between the lawn and the border, and thanks to my friends on Twitter I know just how to do that. My plan is to create something magnificent that I can easily maintain and will give some colour and scent to the garden... or just makes it easier to weed by obviously not being a weed.

I'm hoping that with some clever planting, some handy Twitter and Facebook friends, that by the height of summer I'll have a garden I can be proud of. And if not then at least a garden I can sit in and not worry about the weeds in the background of all the pictures that I take!

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