Family Fun with The Concrete Cows of Milton Keynes

On Bank Holiday Monday, Daddy, the Children and I decided that we'd go and visit the ruins of a Roman Villa found in Milton Keynes.

Exploring the Roman Villa Ruins in Milton Keynes

After we'd explored the Villa, we went for a walk and we ended up by some of our most famous Bovine residents (well actually their cousins the real Concrete Cows are in the Shopping Centre but hey) and so we decided we'd have to have our pictures taken with them. After all, when in Rome Milton Keynes do like the Romans...

Family Fun at the Concrete Cows Milton Keynes

The above photograph shows us sitting on the three calves of the herd, there are six animals altogether and originally some of the cows were brown. It was Milton Keynes Council that painted them in the Black and White typical of Holstein-Friesians. They've had to repaint them after they have been painted as Skeletons, Zebras and had pyjamas put on them. 

Family Fun at the Concrete Cows Milton Keynes

The Cows are apparently half size of real Cows, but I'm not one to take a tape measure to a farm so I can't confirm that.

Family Fun at the Concrete Cows Milton Keynes

The Concrete Cows were originally built in 1978 by Milton Keynes Artist in Residence Liz Leyh, and according to a Man at the Milton Keynes Museum she also built a Snowman, who lives at the Milton Keynes Museum.

Family Fun at the Concrete Cows Milton Keynes
It was a great walk and I think we had some great fun!

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