We're Infected With The Pox!

Big Boy has the Chicken Pox. It's about time really, I was almost certain that he was never going to get them as he'd been able to make it to two weeks before his Fifth Birthday... that's right he came down with them on my Birthday.  I should pay more attention to my own instincts though as I saw three spots around his groin, but Big Boy insisted that they had been there for ages and so off to School he went.

Top Ender was already off School (having covered the back seat of the car in sick the night before and then having spent most of the night running up and down stairs trying to make it before something came out of one end or the other...) and so when the telephone rang just thirty minutes after him having been dropped off I assumed he had the same bug, but no a spot had been seen and examined and decided to be Chicken Pox.

So, I had both children home for my birthday, which was quite nice... apart from the throwing up from Top Ender and the general grumpiness that can accompany Chicken Pox from Big Boy. It did mean I got to eat my lunch in the garden all by myself though, as the children were having a nice little nap!

Birthday Lunch (Chicken, Salad and Sorelle)

And I get the pleasure of Big Boy's company every day until his spots have all scabbed over and he's deemed fit enough to go back to School... although I think that there will be some debate with him over when that is!

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