It's Time For Lunch! (W/C 11/05)

Lunches are as straight forward as ever this week, thanks to Big Boy being back at School! I'm going to be having Prawn Salads for the next week (instead of the Chicken I have been having) unless otherwise stated.

Saturday - Daddy's in Charge

I'm at a training day today, so Daddy is in charge of lunch. Whilst there is bread and cheese and tuna and a wealth of other foods in the fridge I have no idea what he is going to make and guess he'll probably end up doing something like Sausages!

Sunday - Toasted Hot Dog Sandwiches

I wasn't really sure what to do for lunch on Sunday, I even asked on Facebook and Twitter but nothing really grabbed me. In the end I decided that we'd do Toasted Hot Dog Sandwiches for the Children and a Prawn Salad for Daddy and I.

Monday - Pizza Muffins

The pizza muffins have been such a success that I've made a fresh batch for the Children to share. I'm going to have to really make sure that I make some gluten free ones soon as Daddy is feeling really left out!

Pizza Muffins

Tuesday - Chicken Wrap

The Chicken wraps on a Tuesday are becoming rather predictable aren't they! At least with a Chicken wrap I know that the Children will eat it and have a good lunch though!


Big Boy has decided that for lunch he would like a Cucumber and Ham and Cheese Sandwich. Only there isn't to be any Cheese in his and he isn't to have the skin of the Cucumber either. Luckily for him as it's his birthday we're in agreement and so lunch for today is planned!

Thursday - Crackers

Big Boy loves crackers and ham, as he seems to have gone off Cheese, so I thought we'd see what happens if we send crackers and ham to School.

Friday - Top Ender's Friday Lunch And Big Boy's Too!

Top Ender's Friday Lunch And Big Boy's Too!

Lunch today is something that I hope the Children will think is fun, but is so simple to make. If they don't think it is fun then I might have to re-educate my children this weekend...

What have you got for lunch this week?

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