Abigail's Party - A Review

I'm just back from Abigail's Party... well technically I was at Beverley's party, I could only hear Abigail's Party when I wasn't listening to my hosts yelling at each other. That's right I've been to see Mike Leigh's Abigail's Party at Milton Keynes Theatre tonight and had a marvellous time pretending to be in the seventies.

A Scene from Abigail's Party

If you aren't aware of the play, imagine a get together in the Seventies where the host and hostess are having a bit of a fight (like married couples do), the new couple to the street are busy trying to fit in and the divorcee from down the road is only partly worried that the party her 15 year old daughter is throwing is going to end in disaster.

A Scene from Abigail's Party

Hannah Waterman, Martin Marquez, Samuel James, Katie Lightfoot and Emily Raymond play the characters well and they are equally annoying and easily recognisable amongst the suburbanites that you may live amongst. Even the trivial and banal conversations that they have may seem like something you've experienced, but as the evening wears on and the conversations become deeper there is a darker side to Suburbia, a darker side to the characters until the evening ends in tragedy.

We were given tickets to review the show.

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