Busy Doing Nothing

I read a news article this week that said something along the lines that time doesn't fly when you're having fun, that you are just more likely to remember what you do when you have fun in detail and subsequently over estimate the time it took. I'm not sure if this is true, but I do know that this Bank Holiday Weekend seemed to pass in the blink of an eye whilst we were busy doing nothing.

Spending time with family is one of mine and Daddy's top priorities. We make sure that even though we have chores and jobs and other responsibilities that we spend time with the children. We do this so that we can let them know that we put them first, that we think they are important and to show them that we love them, after all it's by our actions that we show love, not just by words.

Family Fun being busy doing nothing

In the future, it's going to be these short moments that we spend time together that Top Ender and Big Boy are going to remember. It is what they are going to base their own parenting moments on (either to do the exact opposite or just the same) and how they remember Daddy and I after we have died.

So during this week of School Holiday, Tops, Big Boy, Daddy and I are going to be busy doing nothing. Creating memories full of love and happy times and hopefully teaching each other that we are the most important things in each others lives.

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