Pitta Pizzas, Lonely Lunch Boxes and Hoops and Crosses

It's been so weird the last couple of days, making a full packed lunch for Top Ender and just the sandwich part for Big Boy. I've gotten so use to them both being at School that having Big Boy off with Chicken Pox has made my packing lunches seem strange and Top Ender's lunch box looks lonely sitting on the side on it's own. Today Tops has Pizza Pittas for lunch, it was her request as she loved them last week, but included in her lunchbox are 1/3 of a pack of the new Walkers Hoops and Crosses (or Hugs and Kisses as BB calls them). We were sent some to review and as they are perfect for lunchboxes, I couldn't help but include some!

Pitta Pizzas, Walkers Hoops and Crosses in lunch box

There are three flavours, Prawn Cocktail, Roast Beef and Salt and Vinegar (all suitable for Vegetarians so we could even eat them on one of our Meatless Mondays) and they have no artificial colours or preservatives. I was mighty impressed that the entire bag is only 85 calories, perfect for dieting me, and as they are made of wholegrains it means they are packed full of some very important nutrients and as they are crisps I don't have to disguise them... the children will eat them willingly!

Walkers Hoops and Crosses

I'm pretty certain that these crisps (Are they crisps? Are only crisps made out of potato really crisps?) okay, Baked Snacks, will be making future appearances in our lunch boxes (Valentines Day Hugs and Kisses and maybe a game inspired lunch too!) and I'm hoping that they will bring out a few more flavours too. Personally I'm a huge Cheese and Onion and a Roast Chicken fan.

We were sent a packet of Walkers Hoops and Crosses to review and we also got Monty in the box with them. It also allowed me to frighten the new Post lady with my early morning bed head and dodgy PJ's.

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