Birthday Help PLEASE!

It's Big Boy's birthday in a few days, he'll be five and as this is the first time that he has had friends outside of the family (from School as he never went to Playgroup or Nursery) we were expecting that we'd be throwing him a birthday party.

And yet we're not.

I had planned to. I had plans for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed party, I had plans for Big Boy's friends to come to our home and play party games and get gift bags and hit a Ninja Turtle Pinatta and play on the Wii or the Xbox or to have cartoons on in the background.

It boils down to we can either afford to buy Big Boy a gift or throw him a party.

So we asked him. We explained in simple terms and he decided that it was a gift that he'd like, as he could keep a gift for longer than a party.

And now I'm looking for ideas on how to make his day special, without spending a fortune. Without, having a party and without having much time to sort it all out in.

Anyone any suggestions?

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