Big Boy's Fifth Birthday

Big Boy woke up this morning and was heard by Daddy and I to be talking to his Teddies about how it was his Fifth Birthday;


Daddy and I were so excited, here was Big Boy a five year old. He knew that today was his birthday and that he was going to spend the day celebrating and we wanted him to be like that. Just last night Big Boy had been so excited that going to bed seemed to be the last thing on his mind. In fact when I got back from a meeting roughly two hours after bed time, he was still awake and wanting to talk about his Birthday and the things he was looking forward to. 

Birthday Pillow CoverBig Boy asleep on the Birthday Pillow

Luckily he did go to sleep and as he did I went to work. Wrapping up gifts, writing birthday cards, hunting out the cards and gifts already delivered by long distance family, changing his pillow case, putting up a banner and doing this to his bedroom door.

Crepe Paper Birthday Door

When Big Boy got out of bed to come and see Daddy and I in our room (tradition says the birthday person comes to our room to open cards and gifts) he exclaimed;


Big Boy at the Crepe Paper Birthday Door

Big Boy then decided that in order to get out of his bedroom, he wouldn't burst through the strips, but instead would climb underneath... Honestly the one time I'm letting him make a mess and he chooses not to?!

We had five year old birthday kisses and hugs, we opened gifts and cards and sang Happy Birthday and tried on the new gifts for size.

Big Boy opening Gifts

We played slam dunk with the wrapping paper and made up packed lunches before getting ready for School and heading off to expand the Children's minds.

Big Boy's 5th Birthday Lunch

And now it's nearly the end of the School day and I'm getting ready to get Big Boy and Top Ender home from School and we're going to play and dance and eat cake and do all the things that a boy on his birthday likes to do... Heaven help me!

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