Evening Meals (W/C 01/06)

This is the last week of the six week diet that I put the family on... well technically just Daddy and I as Top Ender and Big Boy got more calorific dense food at lunch and puddings so that they were having the right amount for them as growing children. Anyway Next Saturday I'll be able to weigh myself again, so that'll be good!

Saturday - Chinese Duck with Noodles

We really enjoyed this the other week. I have to admit that Duck is one of my favourite meats and despite what everyone thinks about it being a terribly fatty meat I say that just means they aren't preparing it right!

Sunday - Roast Chicken

Daddy is so great at cooking the Sunday Roast now, I'm not sure what is going to happen next year when I'm at Church in the morning and could take over preparing it again!

Monday - Meatless Monday - Baked Potato

We're serving this with beans and a little cheese and a side salad. I think that if we only ate a jacket potato once every six weeks that Daddy would be quite happy. I'll do the potatoes in the slow cooker as I do love having them slow cooked as they are so easy to do!

Tuesday - Grilled Chicken Breast

I'm having mine with potatoes and sweetcorn and peas as I do love a colourful mix on my plate, and I still believe that if you eat more colours you feel more satisfied.

Wednesday - Tagliatelle with Meatballs

The children love meatballs and I think that this meal is going to be a big winner with them as it combines not only pasta but the aforementioned meatballs. At only 475 calories per portion, I think that it's a good evening meal too. There will of course be plenty of Salad to eat with the meal, but I think only Daddy and I will be eating it.

Thursday - Chicken and Ham Potato pie

We're serving this with carrots and greens as of course the pie is rather carb loaded having a potato topping. The sauce it is in is a mushroom and garlic sauce, so there will be plenty of flavour and mushrooms for the children to complain about.

Friday - Salmon Fishcakes

The recipe that I have and will follow for the most part is 417 calories per serving, which along with a salad will be very welcome on a Friday evening. I'm hoping that it might be warm so we can eat in the garden... especially as I'll be having a weigh in tomorrow morning and will want to know if I've lost a stone in the last six weeks!

So that is this weeks meal plan, what are you planning on having?

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