Dinner Plans (W/C 11/5)

Week Three of the diet and it's going well. Well, we're not starving at least. We also have Big Boy's birthday this week, which means he gets to choose what we have for dinner.

Saturday - Cheesy Gammon Pasta

I'm out all day today, so Daddy is doing my usual chores and then he's making dinner on top of it all.  Luckily Cheesy Gammon Pasta is dead easy to make!

Sunday - Roast Chicken

Poor Daddy has to do all the cooking this weekend as Tops and I will be at Church and when we get back he'll have made a roast for us. As I've said before though, it's all to do with portion size to make this dish healthy!

Roast Chicken

Monday - Meatless Monday - Cobbler Topped Goulash

I always thought of Goulash as being a meat meal, but I have this vegetarian version that sounds fantastic and will be perfect for our Meatless Monday Meal! I'm out again tonight, so hopefully this will be a quick make too!

Tuesday - Chinese Duck with Noodles

I love Chinese almost as much as Daddy loves Curry. Luckily I've managed to convince Daddy that he loves Duck and Noodles and the Children love anything that I make that's not curry! I'm out again tonight, which means I'm glad this is a quick meal.

Wednesday - Big Boy's Birthday!

Big Boy has decided that we're having ? for dinner tonight. This is apparently his favourite meal. I'm hoping that he will decide before Wednesday so I can buy something to make!

Thursday - Salmon Fish cakes

Top Ender loves Salmon and Big Boy loves Fish Cakes so Salmon Fish Cakes is the perfect combination for a family meal as it's a combination of what we all like!

Friday - Chilli Con Carne and Spicy Wedges

I always think that Chilli Con Carne is a Friday night meal as I feel it is meal that you just have to relax over and eat whilst talking about the past week. So that's what we are planning on doing!

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