Half Term Lunches (W/C 25/5)

I love half term weeks and this week coming is, for us half term. This means that lunches may be swapped around depending on what we are doing and where we are, but also based on how much the Children moan at me that they want something different!

Saturday - Sausage Rolls

Last year, Top Ender and I went for a day out together where we had Sausage Rolls from a greasy spoon type cafe. These were, according to Top Ender, the best Sausages that she has ever had. So as today I'm not doing my Mum's shopping with her, Tops and I are going to go and have a girlie lunch out.

Sunday - Salad and Ham Rolls

Well Daddy and I will be having the Salad, the Children will probably ignore the green bits and just eat the ham roll.

Monday - Carrot and Cheese Sandwiches

Grated Carrot and Cheddar

I don't think that we are going anywhere special today, but just in case I'm going to plan Sandwiches, as that way if we do go out they are easy to pack up as a picnic.

Tuesday - Chicken Wraps

It seems to be the thing to have on a Tuesday, but they are lovely and the Children do love them!

Wednesday - Cheese and Cucumber Pittas

Big Boy has asked for these this week, he loves how they are self contained little packets and I'm pretty sure that the fact that they remind him of Kebabs is another reason he loves them.

Thursday - Noodles

We love noodles, it doesn't matter if they are Ponyo noodles or Super Noodles, as long as they are noodles we don't mind! I am going to do Ponyo noodles though!

Friday - Top Ender's Friday Lunch And Big Boy's too!

Top Ender's Friday Lunch And Big Boy's too! logo

It's a repeat of a lunch we've had before, but Tops and Big Boy are going to be making this weeks special Friday lunch... maybe they'll make one for me!

So these are our lunches for the week, served with plenty of fruit and veg and more than likely swapped for something else in the house when the children complain!

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